All products offered by Bicyclecomfort all have normal manufacturer or dealer warranty.  Consult the terms and conditions in the information on the product. If you would like to make use of the guarantee regulations because your product is faulty then first send us a photo of the concerned product. Also include your order number and the reason why you would like to make use of the guarantee. You can send this information to service@bicylecomfort.co.uk and we will contact you on work days between 10:00 and 19:00 , with a valid reason, in consultation with the manufacturer/dealer. If the manufacturer does not want to grant you your guarantee, then Bicyclecomfort will deal with your application.

If your complaint is reasonable and the product is not older that 3 months, then the sending costs will be covered by Bicyclecomfort. Naturally, this does not apply if you bring the product to us personally. In collaboration with the manufacturer/ dealer Bicyclecomfort will decide whether your complaint is eligible for the guarantee and how we can solve this issue. It may be that we replace the product, or if possible, repair it. If the product is faulty and then all costs will be compensated.

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