Axa Bike headlight Blueline LED 30 Lux Steady Auto

Article number: 180103
Modell: Axa kopl Blueline 30 Lux Steady Aut
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AXA Bicycle headlicht

The Blueline30 is a small sporty dynamo powered headlight with a surprisingly high light output of up to 30 lux. The lamp has LED lighting with more than 50,000 fire hours. The Blueline30 offers an integrated retro reflector and optimal light distribution. Suitable for hub and flank dynamo. This bicycle lamp also has an automatic light and dark sensor and switches on and off automatically by this light / dark switch. The lamp will then stay on for 4 minutes if you are stationary. The bicycle lamp is equipped with Clear lens technology, you are also visible from the side for other traffic and you also have a good view of the road for your bike. The bicycle lamp complies with German (StVZO) and French legislation.
Type Bicycle lamp
Pattern Blueline

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